How did Modena Zlatibor Resort come about?

Just as land, water and air are necessary for the life of any living being on our planet, so we tried to combine the necessary conditions for a safe investment and a comfortable vacation on the mountain in our project. What it means?


This means that the location was carefully chosen to be close to all the most visited attractions on Zlatibor. It is no coincidence that we designed a semi- private complex consisting of 3 buildings with a small square in the middle. Our additional facilities have been recognized as advantages over the competitive tourist offer on Zlatibor. The exterior, materials under construction and functionality of the project are adapted to the environment and the mountain on which we are located. Our clients will have the option of furnishing the apartment completely, from closets to cutlery, while renting and maintaining the complex will be handled by the company in charge. We want to achieve a result of over 150 nights per apartment per year, and you, as the owners, have as few obligations as possible about your investment. We hope that Modena Zlatibor Resort will become an unforgettable place for rest and relaxation, located on one of the most spectacular Serbian mountains

Property investment

Translated as Water, Air and Earth. That is how we named our 3 residences whose names represent the basic elements for life. Aqua, because every day starts with water, Aria because the air here is the cleanest and Terra as the land that is the foundation of life. Each of these exceptional buildings fits perfectly into its surroundings. A semi-open type complex awaits you, natural materials and mountain style that together contribute to the traditional beauty of Zlatibor.

Modena Aqua
Modena Aria
Modena Terra
Private complex
Swimming Pool
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