Modena Terra

To find the best place for yourself doesn't necessarily mean to find the perfect apartment.

Modena Terra - Earth as the foundation of life.

Modena Terra represents the third building of our project. Terra is recommended to owners who would like to be in an even more private community of our complex,
considering that there are no additional contents in it that would be visited by other guests every day. It is located opposite the Aqua and Aria buildings, with which it is connected by an underground passage. All additional contents offered by the complex are subject to the same owner's rights in the Terra building as in the Aqua and Aria buildings. The distance between the pool and the restaurant is 10 meters. Modena Terra contains 58 residential units, which can be structured as studios, 1-bedroom apartments and duplexes as 2-bedroom apartments.


Get your life on another level

Precisely because they are built in a way that is in harmony with nature, respecting all its laws, Modena Zlatibor buildings are long-lasting and have potential in the future of architecture and buildings. This is good news for all those who would like to live, work or stay in a building like this. Indeed, healthy buildings can be objects of different purposes. From the moment you become part of our complex, you get the ideal combination of basic elements for a healthy life for you and your family.

  • Spa and wellness center - In our complex you can enjoy in our spa and wellness center which are ideal space for relaxation after a hard week. You can also work on your shape with our gym which is a part of our wellness center.
  • Restaurant - So your stay is even more pleasing, while your stay at Zlatibor you can enjoy our restaurants home mate kitchen, which is a part of our complex.
  • Room Service - While cold days or if you want to enjoy your apartment, you can use our room service with one call to our restaurant.

Apartment plans

Each apartment has a living room and a kitchen with a dining room in "open space" style, a bedroom, a terrace, as well as a separate bathroom, which we consider a very important part of the interior. The elevators are electric and silent.

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Modena Zlatibor represents the ideal combination of basic elements for a healthy life (water, land and air) as well as the ideal combination of factors that influence a safe financial investment: a safe investor, the Bank as a partner in the investment, loans for the purchase of real estate through a housing loan from the beginning of construction, the possibility furnishing apartments, wellness center, location and company that will be engaged in renting and maintaining apartments in the future.