Modena Aqua

Your every day starts with - Aqua

Modena Aqua is a building that houses a wellness and spa center consisting of a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and hair salon. It is also connected by a warm connection to the restaurant and gym located in the Aria building.
It contains 54 residential units, which are structured as studio, 1-bedroom apartment and duplexes as 2-bedroom apartments.


Get your life on another level

The apartments in the Aqua building are a real example of luxury apartments on Zlatibor, which with their contents complement both the hedonistic and health needs of families, tourist groups and individuals.

  • Spa and wellness center - In our complex you can enjoy in our spa and wellness center which are ideal space for relaxation after a hard week. You can also work on your shape with our gym which is a part of our wellness center.
  • Restaurant - So your stay is even more pleasing, while your stay at Zlatibor you can enjoy our restaurants home mate kitchen, which is a part of our complex.
  • Room Service - While cold days or if you want to enjoy your apartment, you can use our room service with one call to our restaurant.

Apartment plans

Each apartment has a living room and a kitchen with a dining room in "open space" style, a bedroom, a terrace, as well as a separate bathroom, which we consider a very important part of the interior. The elevators are electric and silent.

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Modena Zlatibor represents the ideal combination of the basic elements for a healthy life (water, land and air) as well as the ideal combination of factors that influence a safe financial investment: a safe investor, a bank as a partner in the investment, loans for the purchase of real estate through a housing loan from the beginning of construction, the possibility furnishing apartments, wellness center, location and company that will be engaged in renting and maintaining apartments in the future.