Netaknuti kutak Srbije tokom cele godine

Untouched corner of Serbia throughout the year

Holidays in Serbia can be a great idea throughout the year and an ideal opportunity for the whole family to gather and explore all the beauties and blessings of our country. Serbia has great vacation spots for all generations, types and types of travel. However, Zlatibor provides a shade more. Tourist center that lives 365 days a year, many restaurants, cafes, clubs, shops, hotels, villas, ski resort, beaches and a handful of other facilities for different tastes.

Favorable climate, forest, peace and clean air affect the health, prevention and treatment of many diseases. On the mountain, the wind is the cure. Just a few days are enough to dedicate to health and feel better.

At an altitude of over a thousand meters you find crystal clear air without bacteria and allergens. Vast, fragrant, lush meadows and fields of daffodils, as well as the favorable climate have made Zlatibor a unique treasure of health and an unusual air spa. As Zlatibor is a holiday for your lungs, it is also a holiday for your eyes. You will relax the view by looking at the vastness of the rich landscape and enjoy the joyful chirping of birds. Visit us, we will be happy to host you, tell you more about our unique project so that you can enjoy the comfort of Modena Zlatibor Resort tomorrow alone or with your family while spending time on this beautiful mountain.