Modena Zlatibor Resort i Nekretnine koje zarađuju za vas

Modena Zlatibor Resort and Properties that make money for you

This unique mountain complex in Serbia is designed to provide you with maximum comfort and return on investment in the shortest possible time.

Investing in real estate is the safest form of investment. Market analyzes show us that there are more people who are looking for a verified and reliable investor in whose project they would invest their money. The fact that even 80% of real estate in Serbia is bought for cash also points us to this.

If you look at buying an apartment as a business, this form of investment can return you invested capital in two ways. The first is the increase in the market value of real estate that the project achieves until the completion of construction. The second channel is the rental of real estate upon completion of construction.

However, a suitable property is not easy to find. The real estate market in big cities is oversaturated, and we are currently facing a higher demand than the current supply. However, real estate in attractive locations is becoming more and more sought after.

Recognizing the trends, Modena Gradnja - a company from Novi Sad that has so far realized dozens of buildings (of which we single out the Royal Gardens in Budva, the work of architects Branislav Mitrović and Jelena Kuzmanović) started the construction of a complex on the most visited mountain in the region.

"Modena Zlatibor Resort is a semi-closed complex designed to provide maximum comfort on the mountain and a safe return on investment in the shortest possible time" - says Aleksandar Kovačević, investment advisor from the company Modena Gradnja Zlatibor. In other words, investing in this complex offers you the possibility of good earnings and safe investment.

This unique mountain resort is located in the center of Zlatibor and consists of three buildings (Aria, Aqua and Terra), which form a common courtyard with a square. What makes this semi-closed complex special is the wide range of additional facilities, as well as the possibility of buying apartments through a housing loan. This complex with all its accompanying facilities makes for an extremely good price-quality ratio.

Rich content in the center of Zlatibor

"The location of our project is such that you will forget about your car during your stay." We are located right behind Hotel 'Idila', just 200 meters from the bus station, 400 meters from the Gold Gondola and the same distance from the Lake and the Main Square. In addition to their attractive location, the buildings within the complex are positioned in such a way that they provide residents and visitors with peace, freedom and complete enjoyment," emphasized Kovačević.

As our interlocutor states, the Aqua building houses a modern SPA and Wellness center that includes a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, massage parlor and hair salon. The Aqua building is connected by a warm connection to the Aria building, at the foot of which there are a Yoga and Pilates studio, a gym and a restaurant on an area of about 350 m2. No additional facilities are planned in the Terra building, so it is recommended to clients who want additional privacy for themselves. There are two levels of underground garages under the complex itself.

Additional facilities remain the property of the investor or the company that will deal with their maintenance and rental. This means that apartment owners will not bear the costs of maintenance and business organization, but will be able to enjoy them with certain benefits and special discounts.

Housing loans

NLB Komercijalna Bank was involved in the construction of this complex as a partner. "Partnership with the Bank enabled us to offer clients the purchase of apartments through a housing loan already at the initial stage of construction. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for the complex to reach 80% completion in order to enter the procedure of obtaining a loan" - says Kovačević.

You can check the conditions under which the Bank offers housing loans, the amount of the rent as well as other information on the loan calculator of NLB Komercijalna Banka or in any branch office of NLB Komercijalna Banka in Serbia.

"It is very important to note: these are apartments, not apartments, so our clients have the possibility of a VAT refund if they meet the conditions," Kovačević points out.

Quick return on investment

The most frequent questions that interested buyers have are related to the construction period, the price of real estate and the structure of the apartments.

Modena Zlatibor Resort is, above all, an investment complex. Modena Gradnja is a company that constantly grows and follows the development of new technologies, so on this project they cooperated with the company Case 3D, which, using the most modern proptech tools, created a special virtual tour through the facilities - an online 3D view of the complex. You can familiarize yourself with the offer of apartments and the layout of the project from any point in the world at any time.

The residential units contain a living room connected to the kitchen and dining room, one bedroom, a bathroom and a terrace. The differences between the apartments are reflected in their position within the building, number of floors, orientation and area. We offer apartments of 35, 43, 48 and 51 square meters.

In addition to the mentioned one-bedroom apartments, there are also a small number of duplexes on offer. These are 2-bedroom apartments located on the 6th floor and attic.

"The starting price for the smallest apartments is 77,000 euros, excluding VAT. On the other hand, the largest apartments with one bedroom reach a price of around 117,000 euros, excluding VAT" - says our interlocutor.

When asked why someone would buy an apartment in Zlatibor, Kovačević points to the fact that in big cities in Serbia (for this money), it is not possible to buy a well-equipped apartment located in a building that contains a spa and wellness center, a gym, and a restaurant, without rent prices are similar to prices in Belgrade or Novi Sad.

Property owners in this complex will have several options when it comes to renting. Buyers of apartments in Modena Zlatibor Resort will also have at their disposal the services of a specialized company for professional rental and maintenance of apartments.

"For clients who don't want or don't have time to deal with such work, we have made it possible for them to rent and maintain their real estate through a contract with a company that will deal with that part of the work after the completion of the project," concludes Kovačević.

In addition to the above, apartment buyers will have the opportunity to furnish their real estate according to the "turnkey" system, which is a great convenience for all future clients.

An apartment as a business

If you are interested in buying an apartment that will enable you to get a quick return on your investment, you can get more information about the Modena Zlatibor Resort complex at, by visiting the offices in Novi Sad and Zlatibor, or by calling 064 640 04 03 (Novi Sad office) or 064 867 34 29 (Zlatibor office).