Kako je zaista živeti u gradu na planini?

What is it really like to live in a city on a mountain?

When people spend the winter or summer in a place you call home, it serves as a momentary reminder of how happy you actually are to live there.

Live a unique way of life. Establishing your life in tourist locations can be difficult, but there are many benefits. What is important to remember is that these cities are resorts for a reason. You can live in a place that other people only dream of visiting. Natural beauties are everywhere you look and while others can only see it online or in photo albums, you will wake up in it every morning.

There is also something that arouses awe in being surrounded by beautiful mountains and helps us remember how big the world is. How much nature can give us in the moments when we need it the most. Choosing your new home to live in the mountains, and moving into it, in today’s digital age and the age of the internet is a relatively easy job. So, for example, you can choose an apartment on the mountain that you want to buy or rent, without having to step into it at all, the whole process was unthinkable a decade ago!

If, on the other hand, you think that a tour of the apartment on Zlatibor has its own special charm, the Internet can still help you make a shortlist and selection, and you will not waste your precious time wandering in search of your perfect home! We at Modena Zlatibor Resort are here to help you in any case, and offer the best that new construction on Zlatibor can offer at the moment.